Flood Insurance Requirements and LOMAs

  • Eliminate or reduce flood insurance costs
  • Get your premium payments refunded
  • Increase value of your home
  • No risk opportunity


Why do lenders require some homeowners to carry flood insurance?

A separate insurance product in addition to homeowner insurance is required to protect against flood damage. Flood insurance is usually optional for mortgaged homeowners in low-risk flood areas. However, homeowners who take out a mortgage for a home in a high-risk flood zone called a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) will be required to buy flood insurance. The homeowner will have to pay for flood insurance every year until the mortgage is paid off.

But my house NEVER floods!

Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) cannot reflect every variation in the physical topography of an area. Therefore, a FIRM occasionally will show a property as being in a SFHA, even though the ground may be above the applicable base flood elevation.

Can I remove my flood insurance requirements?

Homeowners who have reason to believe their flood zone designation is in error can submit property and elevation data to FEMA and request a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to remove the property from the SFHA designation.

For detailed information regarding the LOMA process, call the FEMA Map Information Exchange at 1-877-336-2627.

What is the process if I decide to proceed with a LOMA?

An application and step-by-step instructions for requesting a LOMA can be accessed at:


Based on FEMA’s determination, the building may no longer require flood insurance or may qualify for a lower cost flood policy.

What information is required to request a LOMA?

The requester is responsible for providing all of the information needed for FEMA’s review of the request, including elevation information (certified by a Licensed Land Surveyor or Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Indiana) and Subdivision Plat Map or Property Deed with Tax Assessor’s Map. For a complete listing of the information that must be submitted in support of a LOMA request, please refer to the MT-EZ (for single lot/structure requests), MT-1 and MT-2 application form packages. Visit the online Letter of Map Change (LOMC) application at:


How much refund should I expect from the insurance?

If coverage is terminated through a LOMA, the homeowner is entitled to a refund of premium payments. The current NFIP insurer “will be responsible for returning the premium for the current policy year and 1 prior policy year”. Additional information on the homeowner’s rights to cancel flood insurance and receive refunds can be accessed at (Sections I.A and I.B.9):


Why use Water Way Engineering?

Water Way Engineering is an Indianapolis based, owner-operated firm specializing in value driven floodplain consulting and advocacy. We will ensure all due diligence, conduct a survey and prepare the application and attachments at no upfront cost. Water Way Engineering will submit all documents and coordinate directly with FEMA. If FEMA rejects the LOMA request, Water Way Engineering will not charge the homeowner.  THERE IS NO RISK TO TRY!

What happens after I get a LOMA?

The homeowner should submit the LOMA to their mortgage company. The issuance of a LOMA eliminates the federal flood insurance requirement, but it does not mean the structure or lot is safe from all flooding. It means that the FEMA acknowledges the risk of flooding is not as high as it is in the SFHA. If the homeowner chooses to keep flood insurance, the premium will be significantly reduced.


Water Way Engineering strives to create a more sustainable world.  Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and servicing the Midwest, Water Way boasts over two decades of expertise in water and wastewater engineering planning, modeling, design, permitting, construction and advocacy.

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